Meet the biggest cat living large in NYC – and watch him measure up to his owner

Meet Samson, a four-year-old male cat that is the latest feline sensation taking over the internet. Samson’s importance in the public eye is in fact due to his very impressive physical stature. Weighing 28 pounds and measuring 4 feet long (48 inches), Samson is truly living large. Indeed, he is reportedly the largest cat calling New York City home, according to Gothamist.
It might not surprise you that Samson is a Maine Coon. The Maine Coon cat breed, also known as the "Gentle Giant" breed according to the American Cat Fanciers Association, is the largest breed of domestic cat, reports. The average male Maine Coon cat can weigh between 15 and 25 pounds and has an average length of 40 inches.
The current world record holder as the longest cat is unsurprisingly a Maine Coon by the name of Stewie, who was 48 inches long and weighed 33 pounds, indicates. Stewie sadly passed away in 2013, according to a CBS News report.
Maine Coons can continue to grow until they’re four years old, so there’s still a slim chance Samson could yet beat Stewie’s record (though most likely he’ll have to settle for King of New York, which is nothing to hiss at). You can follow Samson through his very own Instagram account @catstradamus. Make sure to share this story on Facebook if you enjoyed it – but not before taking a closer look at Samson through the video below.

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