Cats are taking over the subway – but not the way you might expect

The cats are taking to the underground. No, they're not becoming subterranean creatures, or moving into the sewers — though there would be plenty of rats to chase around there — they are, however, making their presence known below ground and making quite the impression.
Across the pond in merry old London, the cats have taken over the city's subway system, and people the world over can't get enough of the new catmosphere. The Clapham Common tube station has become the talk of London, the internet and cat lovers everywhere for having recently fallen to our feline friends. The station has been recently overrun with more than 70 cats. Well, to be more specific, the station was overtaken by images of cats, but cats nonetheless!

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Every advertisement in the station was replaced by an image of a furry feline in an ingenious campaign by the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service or C.A.T.S (go figure) that features the tagline “Cats not ads.” And who could argue with that? Would you really prefer an ad over this guy?

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He didn't think so.
In a public statement reported on by The Washington Post, organizers said their goal is to reimagine public spaces that make people feel good and think about what is actually valuable in their lives. Of course, cats was a natural choice. Just try to feel bad when everywhere you turn you're greeted by curious kitty faces!

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Fun fact: This isn't the first time people turned to the power of cats to brighten up the underground. In the 1960s, the New York Transit Authority introduced “Etti-Cat,” the feline mascot set on teaching manners to subway passengers across the city.
Etti-Cat graced posters in thousands of subway cars subtly encouraging riders to behave.
Who could resist the charms of Etti-Cat? Even the most hardened etiquette offenders would have a tough time being grumpy or defiant in the face of this courteous cat.
Whether above or below ground, cats always seem to captivate us with their utter cuteness. It's not hard to see why they make the purrfect poster posers for just about anything.
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