Cat owners everywhere are building backyard 'catios.' This craze is real

It's no secret that pet owners will go above and beyond to please their pets. But we have to admit, the catio is taking animal luxury to a whole new level. And while the trend might seem totally "extra," we have to say the idea is pretty great.
The idea is that the patio for cats gives your feline access to the great outdoors but gives you peace of mind for their safety. Maybe they're an indoor cat you want to keep safe, or perhaps they often stray too far from home. Maybe you're just concerned about surrounding wildlife. Whatever your reason may be, a catio is a great solution to your concerns about your cat being outside.
The catios range in size and scale — some are attached to the windows like window boxes, while others are quite large and attached right to the side of the home. Some are even entire patio enclosures that you and your cat can enjoy together. To get an idea of how people are taking advantage of the catio trend, check out some of the coolest catios we could find.
1. The classic
Check out this catio! We love how the design of it matches the style of the home. It's definitely not an eye sore. The cat owners who created it had this to say: "Mars really, really likes his catio! He goes into it through the cat door several times a day, regardless of the weather. He LOVES being outdoors, and I have peace of mind knowing he is always safe."
2. The man cave
This catio is dedicated to the Seatle Seahawks — the favorite team of one man and his cat. The catio features 12 flags, a football rug, an NFL figurine of Marshawn Lynch, a chair, and of course, a few football cat toys.
3. Wildlife window watcher
This window box catio is perfect for watching the birds and other wildlife, which your cat will love. But the big plus is that it is located below the window, so it doesn't obstruct your own views of the great outdoors.
4. The catio people can enjoy too
By transforming an outdoor deck with some elements to jump and climb, as well as screening to keep the cat in, this is the ultimate spot for both human and feline to enjoy the great outdoors.
5. The purr-fectly pretty window box
Look how pretty this is! Your neighbors won't even realize what it is from afar. Plus your cat is sure to enjoy their own personal enclosure to soak up the sun.
6. The old patio transformation
Transform that old, ugly patio into something much more useful. This spot isn't just a great space for your feline friend, it's going to be great for you to kick back and relax too.
7. Garden turned catio
An elevated cement garden that didn't get all that much use was transformed into the perfect cat enclosure. We love this one because it's really unique and creative, plus it looks great!
8. The cat gazebo
Just look at this place! It looks like a beautiful gazebo tucked amongst the trees. But it's actually a luxurious catio! There's plenty of space to rest and relax back here, as well as climb and watch the wildlife.
9. The rainbow cabana
This colorful catio is surely one of a kind. They've decided to build this catio off to the side of their home to not obstruct the view out of the window. In doing so, they've created a little walkway from the window out to the catio that has plenty of space for the cats to get exercise, relax, and have fun.
10. The hidden catio
From afar, you would never guess that this pretty little gazebo-looking-thing was for a cat. We not only love the sleek design but how the garden grows up and around it. It's a great spot for the cat to get out in nature.
11. Chic and classy
If your cat is the type that only flies on first class, the following catio screams luxury.
12. Enclosed catio
Indulge your cat in luxurious safety with our backyard catio. This architecturally stunning enclosure seamlessly integrates into your landscaped paradise, offering panoramic views through shatterproof windows, custom climbing shelves, and lush greenery. Let your feline companion explore, play, and bask in the sun within this tranquil sanctuary.