Employee brings orphaned kitty to work. Kitty has her own plans (6+ photos)

Out of the kindness of her heart, a graphic design employee offered to foster an orphaned calico kitten. Fostering baby kittens takes a significant amount of time and effort, and feedings on a regular schedule are a must.
So what was this employee to do about the kitten while she was working? She simply brought the kitten to work with her, and the four-legged fuzzy ball of cuteness was enough to bring the office to a grinding halt.
One of the woman's colleagues decided to document the kitten's day at the office and posted the pictures on Reddit, where they promptly went viral, and no wonder! This adorable kitten quickly stole the hearts of everyone at the company and everyone online as well.
The calico is named Joey because of how much she loves to be carried around in a pouch or a blanket. Her arrival brought some much-needed stress relief to the usually quiet office.
"We hear little squeaky mews every four hours when she has to be bottle-fed," said the colleague, Reddit user sa3belle.
Joey has also won the hearts of the boss and the foster mom's other co-workers, all of whom regularly take turns watching Joey at their desks and helping to feed her. She loves to walk on workers' keyboards and to check out coffee cups.
"Most of the day she sleeps. Things will probably change once she's older and needs to use a litter box," said sa3belle.
In the meantime, Joey enjoys hanging out with everyone from the office both during the day and at employee happy hours!
Joey's impact on this company is important to note as animals in offices help to keep employees calm, relaxed and happy. "We take turns having her on our desk. It's a nice break from stressful deadlines," sa3belle told Love Meow.
Check out the video below of Joey playing near a computer, then share her cute story with your family and friends!