Even though he only has two back legs this cat doesn't let anything hold him back

What do you call a cat who is "disabled" because he only has two legs? Well, if it's this cat, you call him Able. And what do you call a cat who only has two legs because the other two were amputated after he was electrocuted? You call him a miracle! This is his story.
Awhile back—about four years ago—Able was just a stray cat living on his own on the streets of a city in Thailand. He hunted for food and took care of himself. Then one day the unthinkable happened: he fell onto an electric transformer that electrocuted him. But even cats in Thailand have nine lives, and Able had never used any of them up. So, with a little help from some human friends, he lived.
Along came a kindly woman who saw him and decided to nurse him back to health. "The first time I saw Able, I felt such energy and inspiration to live my life," Able's human told Coconuts Bangkok. "He's a very strong cat, indeed."
Finding himself with just two legs didn't slow Able down at all. At first, when his legs were healing, it was a little hard, but he didn't give up. He simply went about figuring out how to do all the things he did before his fall. Except, he didn't have to hunt for food anymore.
It took Able only a little time to figure out how to balance on his back legs and hop around like a tiny kangaroo. In short order, he was climbing the stairs at his rescuer's house.
He might be a bit on the manipulative side, as he gets whiny when he wants something. He discovered that staring into a human's eyes will eventually get him whatever he wanted, because, well, who can resist that face?
Like other cats, Able enjoys an afternoon snooze in the sunshine, and he can flop down with the best of them.
It is amazing that Able shares his life with a little girl kitty that he totally loves. She is so much like Able...
...because Fin Fin has no use of her back legs. The two beautiful cats never complain about their handicaps, though. In fact, they take it all in stride, albeit and unusual stride by anyone's measure.
Able and Fin Fin both were rescued by a woman who must be as close to an angel on earth as you can get. She loves them, and they surely love her right back. What a story of miracles these two are!
Some people think that cats who are handicapped should just be euthanized, ostensibly to put them out of their "misery and pain." How wonderful that Able and Fin Fin are alive and catting around together today! What do you think? Should an animal be put down if he can't be like others of his species? Share this story with your friends and let us know in the comments what you think about animals that face great obstacles but push on anyway.

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