Little kitten decides to take a nap in rescuer's truck, making it impossible for him to wake her

What would you do if you happened to find a stray kitten crawling around —not walking, mind you — in an area where she obviously should not be? Would you assume she lived somewhere nearby and just leave her alone so she could go home? Or would you pick her up and take her with you?
That's the dilemma Matt faced when he drove into a location that was clearly not kitten-friendly. "She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods so she was either born there and the mother didn't get to transfer the whole litter or someone just dumped her," Matt said.
Having previously worked for a veterinarian, Matt knew right away that the baby cat was female. How? Because her color pattern — calico — is sex-linked and doesn't occur in males. She was really little, and Matt knew that leaving her there could be a death sentence. So he picked her up and put her in his truck. Innately realizing that he was a friend, the little kitty immediately climbed up to his shoulder.
With a new perspective on things, she decided all was copacetic. And then she did what any self-respecting cat would do. She purred. Since Matt was allergic to cats, he knew he couldn't keep her. Yet to find her a good home required a little fixing up first. So the next day, he took her to a vet to rid her of the parasites swarming her tiny body. After she was all cleaned up, Matt put her back in his truck to take her home. She immediately fell asleep, exhausted from the ordeal.
She was so sweet, he just couldn't find the heart to wake her up. For an hour he quietly sat in the truck with her. Not even the radio made a sound. When she finally woke up, he knew he needed to find her a "furever" home. After interviewing some possible applicants, he decided she should go live with an older lady who had one adopted cat already living with her. It was, he decided, the ideal place for this little love of a ball of fur.
I think this story is worth sharing. You can't save all the strays in the world, but like the little boy said who was throwing starfish back into the sea from the ocean shore, "It made a difference to this one!" Facebook and Instagram are awesome places to share moving narratives like this one. Will you share her story? It might just make a difference to another lost baby!