Cat has been at shelter for over 400 days so the staff decide to do something a little different

Can you imagine being unwanted for 400 days straight? It would be hard for any of us to deal with, but a white cat named Champas actually experienced it. In more than a year, the shy but beautiful cat lived in an animal shelter in Australia, unchosen time and again as people came and adopted other pets, but didn't give him a second look.
Most of the reason Champas wasn't being looked at is because he was so reticent. He hid when people came looking to add a cat to their family. Champas didn't trust them, so he kept out of sight as much as possible. That's when Animal Welfare League (NSW, Australia) decided to design a campaign that would show him for the wonderful cat he was.
The first step was getting him out where people could see him. So, they made him the office cat! Champas wasn't fond of the idea at first, but eventually, when people began to pet him and talk to him, he came out of his shell.
After he was comfortable around humans (whom he decided weren't all that scary after all), they stepped up his campaign with slogans that they hoped would bring in his forever friend. "I'm a single, white male looking for love," read the first one. Who could resist that face?
With Valentine's Day coming up, they focused on romance to get the word out. He'd already spent one Valentine's Day in the shelter. Maybe the love angle would do the trick.
But people needed to know that Champas had a side that was all business, too.
With all the attention and press he was getting, the shelter folks decided he as a bona fide celebrity.
It was almost Valentine's Day again, and no one had stepped in to take Champas to his forever home. Then Nathan walked in. One look, and everyone knew that this was a match made in heaven!
When Nathan got him home the first night, he laughingly told the shelter, "To everyone who is wondering what happened to Champas the long term resident of Kemps Creek - he came home with me today, and after biting my hand, went straight to sleep."
Champas' story is indeed a happily-ever-after tale come true. It took a bit of creativity and momentum to find the perfect home for him, but 400+ days after he was surrendered to the shelter, this five-year-old cat was finally home.
What a happy story for you to share with your friends! What innovative ways can you think of to promote the animals who need loving homes at your local animal shelter? There are so many ways you can help. Just give them a call!

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