Once you hear this cat's sad story, you'll be amazed at just how sweet she is

Vienna was a nine-year-old cat in a situation that, sadly, affects many animals every day. Her elderly caregiver was no longer in position to the care of this beautiful cat and the other seven cats that she owned, and so Vienna ended up at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. There this sad-eyed feline waited day after day for someone to find it in their heart to give her a home.
From her arrival at BARCS, Vienna had health obstacles to overcome. On their Facebook page, BARCS stated that "When Vienna arrived at BARCS, her fleas were so out of control she had become anemic. She was having trouble breathing and had lost her will to eat and drink."
Additionally, Vienna had a cyst over her eye that needed to be removed, had a history of bladder stones, and had been living with and exposed to a FIV positive cat (although she was not positive for feline FIV). Because of her ailments, Vienna would need an extraordinary person to adopt her and care for her.
Vienna decided to try to help her cause by catching the attention of anyone who passed by her cage at the rescue. "Every time someone passes her cages she bats her big green eyes, chirps as loud as she can and waves her pom-pom-esque tail to try and get their attention," BARCS noted on Facebook.
While Vienna waited for a new owner, she wasn't completely alone. She was with her best friend, Elvis, the whole time. They are a bonded pair of cats, which made potential adoption trickier because BARCS wanted to see the cats adopted together.
BARCS volunteers wanted to see these cats get a home, especially Vienna because of her sweet, shy personality. "Vienna deserves someone to snuggle up to every night, someone who will let her lay in all the sunspots and give her all the love in the world...and look past her medical needs," BARCS said.
Then the day everyone hoped for arrived! A loving person saw Vienna and Elvis and adopted the two cats together. Now Vienna lives the life she deserves, loved and cared for, with Elvis by her side. Watch the video of both cats below and share their sweet story on Facebook with your family and friends.

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