Woman refused to give up her search for a little alley kitten that got away

Some kitties are not as easy to help as others. Feral kitties are often shy and afraid of humans. Then, when they get sick, they hide and can't be found.
One woman ran into this problem in Montreal in the fall of 2017 while trying to rescue a feral cat and her four kittens from an alleyway. She managed to catch three of them, but the mama was skittish and one of the kittens went missing.
But the woman refused to give up on the last kitten. She was a cute little thing, black and long-haired, but more frightened than the other kittens and more off on her own. She ran away before she could be caught.
The woman went back and back again. By the time she found the kitten, the little baby was very sick and almost unable to move. She also couldn't eat yet on her own, so she was starving to death. Her benefactor had found her just in the nick of time.
Her siblings had already been fostered out to a rescue in Ontario because local rescues were full. Two volunteers came forward to foster the last kitten, named Fuzzy, and nurse her back to health.
From a skinny 490 grams, Fuzzy gained 25 grams within a day and soon gained 100 grams. As she grew and recovered, she also began to develop relationships with her rescue humans and her fellow kittens. She is now growing up into a beautiful kitten.
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