Cat that would shy away and hide was brought out of its shell by spunky new brother cat

Imagine your husband comes home one day and tells you, "Honey, I'm so happy with having you for a wife that I think we should get another one!" You'd probably flip out, right? That's how some kids feel when a new brother or sister comes home from the hospital. But what about cats? Do they feel sibling rivalry?
Bringing home a new sibling can shift the family dynamic, and when it's a cat that can't understand the concept, expect jealousy, confusion, and anger. Fortunately, Nellie didn't act out like some kids do, but she wasn't happy about her own new baby brother, either!
Nellie had always been a bit shy, running and hiding from visitors when they'd come by. She was a single cat and liked it that way. But mom and dad decided Nellie needed to come out of her shell, so they brought home a baby brother to encourage her. At first, the opposite happened.
After hiding for two weeks, little brother Gilbert finally coaxed her out to play; and they've been playing ever since.
After awhile Nellie even began taking care of Gilbert like he was her baby. That was fine with Gilbert, but eventually, he wanted her to play!​
But Nellie became more than a playmate to Gilbert. When he couldn't get all the way up in the cat tree, Nellie was there to help.
They seemed to talk things over a bit, and then changes started happening. Nellie became less reclusive. Gilbert became less wild. Together, they cuddled and romped, complementing each other's personality nicely.
Sometimes their playtime devolves into chaos as they fight over the best place to sleep or who gets to eat first, but when it's all over, they simply let bygones be bygones.
Gilbert talked Nellie into taking chances, and Nellie taught Gilbert that you don't always have to join in with the humans.
"Nelly is the boss at our home. She puts Gilbert in place if there is something she doesn't want him to do. Gilbert is an adventure kitty. He loves to meet new people (the opposite of Nelly)," says their mom.
Of course, there are days when Nellie'd like to send Gilbert back.
And occasionally, Gilbert would like to return the favor.
But for the most part, these two are best friends. A new baby brother was just what Nellie needed, and now they're inseparable.
What do you think? Does your pet need a pet? I'm of the opinion that two is always better than one, but not everybody agrees with me. Where do you stand on the issue? Share this story with your friends on facebook and see what they think. And then let us know in the comments!

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