Rescuers in the right place at right time when they stumbled upon freezing cat

I love snow. Snow is beautiful and sparkly, and soft, and white... but deadly if you aren't dressed for the cold. When Jennifer Gillispie and two other members of the Here Kitty Kitty Rescue team were heading back to the shelter last week, they happened to see a black and white cat huddled in the snow. And despite her beautiful, long hair, she was freezing.
They stopped the car when they saw the cat nearly frozen to death and hardly moving. When Jennifer bent down to pick her up, the cat was so exhausted she didn't object at all. And the timing was exquisite because just then a snowplow approached. The pretty kitty was too tired to even react.
She was so grateful to be rescued from certain death that she just cuddled up in her rescuer's arms and snuggled down into the warmth of a hug. Then she started licking Jennifer's hands as if to say thank you.
Due to her luxurious coat, it is hard to tell from the pictures that she was starving. But underneath her long hair, she was nothing but skin and bones.
They named her Aubin, meaning "white" or "bright."
Back at the shelter, the first order was to get some food into her tummy. She was so grateful!
What would have happened if the shelter volunteers hadn't happened by the starving, freezing kitty that day? I think you can guess. "We are truly blessed to have been at the right place and the right time to save dear Aubin," Jennifer said.
Watch how grateful Aubin was to be rescued from the cold, snowy countryside in the video, and be sure to share it with your friends. If you'd like to help Here Kitty Kitty Rescue or think you might like to adopt Aubin or one of their other cats, just click on this link to see how you can help.

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