Two little orphan kittens showed up just in time for this mama dog mourning the loss of her pups

No matter how much we try, we can't save every puppy or kitten. Dorothy was surrendered to Mommy and Me Rescue in Mount Carmel, PA already pregnant. Unfortunately, following a diagnosis of both Lyme Disease and whipworm, she prematurely gave birth to seven puppies, all stillborn, in early January 2018.
Dorothy was confused and upset at the loss of her puppies. She continued to search for them, even after being brought home from the vet. Something needed to be done to help this lost mother.
Carol Kalinowski of Mommy and Me Rescue contacted Rebecca Hetherington. Rebecca runs another Mount Carmel rescue, Wanna-Be Pet Rescue. Carol wanted to see if Rebecca had any orphaned babies in need of motherly love.
As it turned out, Rebecca had two orphaned kittens she had rescued from the city shelter. They were still small and not yet weaned. Carol decided to introduce them to Dorothy.
At first, Dorothy didn't know what to make of these strange new babies. But once they began to nurse, she responded with all of her previously thwarted mother love and took them to heart. Since then, she has been nursing them, cleaning them, and otherwise taking care of them just as a mama cat would, or as she would have taken care of her own puppies.
Their rescuers are currently supplementing the kittens' diet with goat's milk. The kittens are thriving so far. Carol and Rebecca hope the little family will be adopted together.
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