Stray cat keeps coming through man's doggy door with kittens

No one was more surprised than homeowner Vincent when a cat walked through a doggy door and into his house. The cat looked startled to see him and backed out the door. The man assumed that he wouldn't see her again, but she proved him wrong — when she came back in the door a few minutes later with a kitten in her mouth!
Vincent immediately placed a warm blanket in a large box for the stray mother cat and her baby. The cat put her kitten onto the blanket, then walked back out the doggy door. She returned a short while later with a black kitten in her mouth, then left again. The kittens just kept on coming!
"Over the course of the next few hours, she [brought kittens] one by one and laid them in the box until all five were in there," said Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network. Vincent contacted the rescue organization for help with the mama cat, named Tala, and her five tiny kittens.
Vincent purchased food for Tala and gave her fresh water. Her kittens snuggled and slept comfortably next to her in the box. Then, he reached out to local rescues for help making sure that Tala and her babies would be cared for and eventually adopted to loving homes. "He contacted a local rescuer on Facebook, and many of us rescuers saw the post. I offered to take the family," DeAmor said.
From there, Tala and her babies — Maui, Moana, Neilani, Ohana and Kiko — went from DeAmor's care to a foster home. No matter where she and her kittens went, Tala went above and beyond to care for each and every one of them.
All of Tala's babies have since grown up and been adopted, but Tala still needs a loving home for herself. She is a sweet cat who loves attention. "Tala's always on the hunt for some chin pets," said Kaitlyn, Tala's foster mom.
Could you be the right person for a loving cat like Tala? If you're interested in adopting her, contact the Friends for Life Rescue Network. Watch the video below of Tala seeking shelter in Vincent's house, and then share Tala's story of motherly love with your family and friends on Facebook.

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